Saturday, January 19, 2013

Anne Frank monologue


This monologue is taken directly from part of the book’s Friday, 5 February, 1943 entry

Dear Kitty,
Just recently Mrs. Van Daan came out with some perfect nonsense.  She was recalling the past, how well she and her father got on together and what a flirt she was.  “And do you know,” she went on, “if a man gets a bit aggressive, my father used to say, then you must say to him, ‘Mr. So and So, remember I am a lady!’ and he will know what you mean.”  We thought that was a good joke and burst out laughing.  Peter too, although usually so quiet, sometimes gives cause for mirth.  He is blessed with a passion for foreign words, although he does not always know their meaning.  One afternoon we couldn’t go to the lavatory because there were visitors in the office; however, Peter had to pay an urgent call.  So he didn’t pull the plug.  He put a notice up on the lavatory door to warm us, with “S.V.P. gas” on it.  Of course he meant to put “Beware of gas”; but he thought the other looked more genteel.  He hadn’t got the faintest notion it meant “if you please.”

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