Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Original monologue - girl age 6 to 10


Look, I know you’re thinking it’s probably a fake. I mean, why would I sell you a real list of how to scare girls? It’s like the ultimate betrayal of my kind or something, right? Except, I get it. Scaring girls… it’s fun.

Last week, Becca, Abbey, and I were getting tadpoles by the stream, and I saw this dead fish. So I picked it up to show them. Only, they started screaming - like it was a brain eating zombie instead of some stupid old fish. Next thing I know, I’m chasing them with it, and it was…..Anyhow, scaring girls? I get it now.

The list is one dollar, and I guarantee they’ll all work. Only, save number eight for your mom. Mom’s are girls too, right? And number eight, made my mom have to lay down with a wash cloth on her face for a whole hour. It was amazing.


  1. Ha Ha I used that for my audition and passed

  2. A friend recommended this and now I totally know why!! XD

  3. I am going to use this for my audition

  4. I am totally using this, its fantastic

  5. Do we need permission to use this monologue for an audition?