Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Girl of the Limberlost Monologue - Age 12 to 14

Girl, Ages 12 to 14

      Oh Uncle Wesley, why didn’t you tell me?  You should have seen me among them at that school.  I was a picture!  They’ll never forget me.  No, they won’t get a chance, for they’ll see the same things tomorrow, if I can go back.  And if I don’t go back, all of them will know it’s not because of my clothes.  They will know it’s because I am so poor I can’t buy my books.  It’s books and tuition.  Over twenty dollars in all.  Oh, how can I get it, Uncle Wesley? 
      No. I wouldn’t touch a penny from you, unless I really could earn it.  Hand me money because you find me crying for it!  I owe you and Aunt Margaret for all the home life and love I’ve ever known, and I’ll not take your money.   I’m going home, and I’ll try mother for the money.  It’s just possible I could find second-hand books, and perhaps all the tuition need not be paid at once.  Maybe they would accept it quarterly.  But, oh, Uncle Wesley, you and Aunt Margaret, you keep on loving me. 

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